An Un-Finisher
M.A.H. Hinton

the icon
of St. Francis
purchased months ago
still needs
to be hung

so does
the Grateful Dead poster

and the picture
of me and Brooks Robinson
from when my beard
was still red
and I still smiled
for pictures

I am an un-finisher

a thousand projects
just a few

reams of paper
gigabytes of incomplete stories
and half-begun novels

Thomas Merton
and Duns Scotus
tell us that we are Co-Creators

I find it easy
to believe

the Big Bang
and another half-finished poem
laying on the page

M.A.H. Hinton grew up in Montana and lives in Minnesota. His publications include poetry in Spitball, Temenos, GFT, West Texas Literary Review, Aji, Into the Void, Blue Heron Review, and Emerald Coast Review. He has also published several Western short stories.