I Promise Not to Eat You
Alyse Richmond

The sun is expanding
beyond the bounds
of the Wall Street Mill
as I clasp my hands
together at the sight
of a very small rabbit.
It’s raising its whiskers,
its ears, then flicks
its cotton ball, disappears
beneath a bundle
of brush that gleams
with fiber optic needles.
I am in physical pain over this.
I wanted to scoop it
into my palm, mash it
against my cheek, feel
its jellybean heart beat
inside my bones—more
like a vibration than a rhythm.
I miss folding animals into
my body. I need that
nervous heat. Please.
I promise not to eat

Alyse Richmond lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is a recent MFA in Creative Writing graduate from Chatham University with concentrations in poetry, publishing and travel writing. Her work has been printed in publications such as: Lines + Stars, Helix Magazine, El Portal and Off the Coast, among others. In 2014, she released her first chapbook through Akinoga Press entitled Blue Mornings.